Though it was kind of unexpected to him at first, David has become something of an adolescent specialist, focusing on working with teenagers and their families. David's interest in doing therapy with teenagers developed as he was beginning to practice and he realized the need for effective adolescent therapists. Subsequently, David began to research adolescent communication and identity and now travels the world speaking on some of these subjects. David has also been a featured specialist for the “Caring for Teens God’s Way” DVD series from the American Association for Christian Counselors.
David Hall
Family Educator and Therapist
Nobody needs to walk the road alone
David's particular focus on using story and metaphor tends to work very well with adolescents and many of his young clients report being able to connect quickly with David's relaxed yet honest therapy style. David's intense interest in movies, music, books, and even a few video games also does not seem to hurt when trying to get a conversation going.
Teen Issues