David Hall
Family Educator and Therapist
Nobody needs to walk the road alone
Not too long ago, if someone wanted to get pornography, they would have to go to a sketchy part of town. Now all someone needs is a computer, and the negative effects of easily accessible pornography can be seen in families across the country. David has completed advanced training through the Institute for Sexual Wholeness and he has been a member of the American Board of Christian Sex Therapists. For several years David worked in conjunction with Faithful and True Atlanta, one of the leading Christian organizations in the country for the treatment of addictive sexuality, particularly pornography.
Pornography Concerns
David's work with adults and teenagers explores how pornography can hurt and minimize important relationships and even confuse our own identities. Taking an honest and open approach David desires to walk with people through the brokenness that pornography can bring and help them see that hope and solutions are available.