Dr.David Hall
    Psychotherapist & Educator
Nobody needs to walk the road alone
A Workshop to Help You Meet Your Creative Goals
Workshop Size: 50 lovely people

Date: Thursday, August 4, 2011

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Place: The Mill Room @ Cherokee Mills. 2200 Sutherland Ave, Knoxville, TN 37919. Click here for Directions

Cost: $45 paid in advance online or $60 at the door.

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David talking about the August 4th Workshop
Like so many people with a strong creative impulse, I have enthusiastically begun many different projects over the years—scores of books and dozens of songs. I have mapped out businesses to start, products to invent, and degrees and certificates to earn.

I have accomplished some of these things, but many more of my endeavors never reached completion. Some undertakings fizzle out early on while others come nearly to the point of completion, only to end up in the limbo of “almost.” Few things in life are more frustrating than unfinished projects and unattained goals, and few things in life are more satisfying than crossing the finish line.

Yet, as a professional in the field of psychology, I came to see that I had resources at my disposal to get my projects to completion, and knowledge to help others.

Finally Finish is designed to help individuals meet creative goals through a blend of insights into the mindset that helps us to create yet often keeps us from finishing, the implementation of practical principles to get past procrastination, and the creation of structures of accountability to help guide our projects to completion.

Our workshop will be a combination of instruction and interaction which we believe will move you much further along in reaching creative goals. You’ll leave the workshop with new tools and strategies to finish—finally!

For those who attend the workshop, like what happens, and want to go deeper, we will be leading cohorts of 8 people—Austin calls them “posses”—that will meet weekly for a six weeks. During that period, each cohort participant will finish a creative project.

If you are a person who wants more success in finishing your creative projects, then please join us for this workshop. The 2 hours that you spend with us will improve your creative productivity, increase your satisfaction with your work, and fuel future creative projects.

-David Hall

Visit www.finallyfinish.com for more Information!

Starting is easy for most creative people. Finishing? Well, that’s a different story. If you’ve ever struggled to meet your creative goals, we can help. Our 2 hour workshop will explore the mental hang-ups that contribute to inertia and procrastination and will equip you with some nuts-and-bolts strategies for developing a sustainable creative rhythm that will work better than simply “trying to be more disciplined.” This isn’t a workshop about trying; it’s a workshop about finishing.