David Hall
Family Educator and Therapist
Nobody needs to walk the road alone
Couples Counseling
Even though we might feel successful in so many places, if we do not have peace in the romantic areas of our lives, then everything seems to be going wrong. Many of us hesitate to work on our relationships with therapists because we are afraid that seeking help means “we are a real mess.” Yet truthfully, seeking help in a timely fashion is a sign of a relationship with a truly healthy future.
David's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy stressed the importance of building effective communication and positive feelings in a couple's relationship. And along with his degree training, David is also certified in Prepared/Enrich to help both established marriages and premarital couples to objectively assess their relationship and to strategically look at healthy change. In working with relationships, David tries to creatively empower couples to come up with useful language and contexts to move forward towards a healthy future together.